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This isn’t a blog about private schools

But it’s not because I couldn’t write one. I have quite strong views on private schools, and I even think they’re well-reasoned. But I’m not going to write about them.


Because this debate doesn’t matter. Will forcing reluctant private schools to share their theatres change education? Would an extra £150 million for the DfE budget really improve the system? No.

One day we might reach the point where the next most important change is reform of private schools, in which case we can have this debate. But until then we should focus on bigger things. Like:

  • Over a third of schools either Require Improvement or are Inadequate
  • Over a third of 16 year-olds don’t get at least 5 A*-C with English and Maths
  • Our alternative provision fails almost everyone who needs it
  • Teacher Training fails to teach you about how people learn
  • CPD tells teachers piles of rubbish pseudo-science
  • Teachers spend much of their time doing things without an evidence-base to please various interest groups

Sharing theatres might be nice, but it won’t solve these.

Let’s postpone the debate until we have.